Shields High is a government approved, not-for-profit (NGO) organization in Macedonia.  Shields High will enable orphans in Macedonia to achieve social integration and prepare for adulthood through stable, family-oriented environments and individual opportunities in education, domestic life, sports, music, and more.  Shields High currently is in the process of gathering financial partners and seeking potential property located near Skopje, Macedonia.

Here are our immediate goals:

  • acquire 5 acres (3 hectares) of property near Skopje, Macedonia
  • build 2 new homes, housing up to 5 kids per home with married couples as parents for each home
  • possibly build a mountain lodge-style administration building nearby, equipped with a kitchen, offices, family/hosting great room and conference room
  • 2 outdoor sports fields for basketball and soccer


The kids will have access to:

  • Safe, family-centered homes
  • Individualized educational support
  • Extracurricular activites
  • Mentoring
  • Higher education/vocational preparation
  • Avenues to excel at their God-given gifts