31 July 2018

Shields High (Штитови Горе) non-profit organization in Macedonia is currently waiting for final meetings and approvals to move forward in building 2 incredible homes on beautiful land near Skopje for 10 orphans.  However, while we are waiting, we continue to love, invest and assist in the lives of the kids at the 25th of May orphanage as we have for the last 5 years.  As the opportunities arise,  Shields High helps in providing education needs, personal needs, and extra-curricular events such as English classes, sports, camps, dance classes, etc.  It is a joy and honor to be a part of these kids' lives. Through the Macedonia Ministry of Social Services deinstitutionalization initiatives,  the kids at the 25th of May recently moved out of an institution building and into private homes in the Skopje city area.  Each home is shared with 5 to 7 kids with 5 to 6 group leaders for each home.  

God is good! Our mission is to lead orphans into becoming men and women of strength, character and integrity - wanting the very best for orphans in Macedonia.  Hopefully soon Shields High may be agreed upon as an incredible part of the solution for the needs of the deinstitutionalization efforts in Macedonia.

---Elizabeth "Елизабетче" Burton, Founder, Shields High Skopje